06 August 2010

Men oh men

This is originally from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

"John Gray, you're a fair-weather friend! As long as I'm sweet, loving Bonnie you are here for me, but as soon as I'm not, you walk right out that door".


"Right now I'm in pain. I have nothing to give, this is when i need you the most. Please, come over here and hold me. You don't have to say anything. I just need to feel your arms around me. Please don't go".


Men, you thought you are a loving person. As long as your women is happy and nice, you loved them back. But if they were unhappy or upset, you would feel blamed and then argue or distance yourself which is not right. Hold her, touch her, listen to her, and just being there with her~ Who else she would share all the sweet-sour of life. If what you want is only happiness, then find your way to heaven~

P/S: Just now, flirting with my crush. Damn, she's so good in advising. She make me motivated in so many ways. Life is full with unexpected things. I love to flirt with girls, but now I'm falling. Don't misunderstood. I don't mind falling because she's someone you can lean on. If you wrong, then she'll correct you. Above all that, she's hot man, who cares (^_^)v

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