Krabi and Phuket

Dear readers, post on Phuket and Ao Nang will be updated later. Pictures too will be uploaded. I am truly sorry. A hectic week with live or die presentation, classes, paper, and of course busy loving! 

I am truly sorry for the late post. I was so busy. Busy studying. Busy Living. My bad. To friends that I had promised before, this is for you guys. 

We bought the tickets last year during Air Asia's promotional affair. We departed from LCCT to Krabi International Airport on 23rd of February at 1355 and arrived back to Kuala Lumpur (LCCT) ON 29th February 2012.

Flight fees
2 guest = RM 238
Airport tax                                    = RM 136
2 x AirAsia Insure return (1-10 days) = RM  42
2 x Convenience fee = RM  32
2 x medium-up to 20 kg = RM  80
2 x pick A seat = RM  24
TOTAL = RM 552

We visited three places in Thailand. Koh Lanta Krabi, Patong Phuket, and Ao Nang Krabi. Circled below indicated our travelled places.

 Koh Lanta----Patong-----Ao Nang

Koh Lanta

As we landed at Krabi International Airport, we seek for a mini van. The price was pretty reasonable if compared to taxi. Damn expensive. A travel agent is readily at the front door welcoming us with a warm smile asking where we want to head and whether we had made any reservation on transportation. We did not set for any reservation as we were fairly sure there will be some sort of transportation there (God bless the internet). She recommended us to take a bus to Krabi town, then from there we switched to mini van to Koh Lanta, our first destination. It took 3 hours to arrived at Koh Lanta from Krabi International Airport. Not to mentioned the bold-ride via a barge crossing islands that we had to experienced. Priceless. We stayed at Lanta Resort, 243 Moo 3, Saladan, Koh Lanta, Krabi 81150 Thailand. Tel. (075) 684911-13, 684222, 684325, 684328, fax. (075) 684910, or just visit If you plan to have a vacation at Koh Lanta, this resort is highly recommended. We booked this resort with a reasonable price at Groupon. However, price is excluded surcharge which you need to pay them later. Usually they will charged 1000 baht (RM100) per day. 

The resort itself is breathtakingly beautiful with affable personnel. Beach is just at the back of the resort. If you are looking for an absolute peace, feel free to spent a night here. At nigh, mesmerizing stunning lights which gave passionate-glow along the beach will awake your romantic sensation. Do I need to explain more? He he. There are many restaurants just behind your resort. The foods were yummy. Please, eat seafood. Fresh from the ocean! My husband who has an allergy to seafood happened to not experienced any sickness there. Maybe because the seafoods are fresh. The waiter and waitress were very friendly. They treat you like a royal guest. Offered to snapped our picture without having to ask for it. The price? Similarly in Kuala Lumpur. Not too pricey compared to what we ate and their first-rate service. Prawn tempura, damn delicious. Owh, some of the waiter can speak Malay, and some of them are Muslim. So do not shy to ask whether the foods are Halal or not.

We spare some times to have a motorcycle-ride all around the island. Ask for a map at the receptionist. Lanta resort also provided motorcycles for rent. We stopped by at many places just to taste their foods. We called it tempura hunting. Damn, all of them were delicious even at the old-looking-store. We managed to enjoy sun-set view, our first ever sun-set view as husband and wife. Priceless memory. Hubby, I miss you while I am writing this piece. Here, let the pictures do the talking.

Koh Lanta is suitable for person who really wish to escape from hustle and bustle of the city. What they need is peace with less entertainment. Relax and just enjoy the beach's view (Redang's beach is far far far beautiful tho). White people conquered this area, we are the only Asian there except their personnel. If you wish to have quite a long holiday, it is not a wasted experience if you visit Koh Lanta. But if you planned for 2 or 3 days at Krabi, do visit Ao Nang. Later, we will talk about that. From Koh Lanta, we travelled to Patong Phuket by ferry. The fees and transportation to the port were all managed by the resort. Just splashed some cash. Huhu. So here's the bill.

Lanta Resort 3 days 2 night = RM 279
Surcharge = 2000 BAHT (we just assumed it RM 200)
Lanta to Phuket = 1700 BAHT (850 BAHT per person) (RM 170)
Rent motorcycle =  300 BAHT (RM 30)
Fuel =  100 BAHT (RM 10)*lupa*
Foods and others = 3000 BAHT kot (rm 300)*of course you can cut more of your expenses*
TOTAL                 = RM 989

Owh please be noted that the plug extension there is different from Malaysia. Pay a visit to the nearest electric store and ask for an extension. Bawak je skali charger korang ke kedai, boleh try tengok muat ke tak. Huhu. At Krabi jetty, a travel agent asked us whether we already booked for a transport at Rasada jetty, Phuket. We paid another 400 BAHT for a minivan from Rasada Phuket jetty to Patong Lodge Hotel, Patong Phuket. It took almost 3 hours to arrive at Rasada port, Phuket. In the middle of that, we switched ferry at Phi Phi island (also a beautiful island to visit!). Please do not fret, the travel agents were here there and everywhere. 

Patong, Phuket

We stayed at Patong Lodge Hotel. This one is free because we bought a travel plan from Narsco. At Phuket, we did not make quite a friendly touch with Google, so it is a little complicated to decide where to go. Patong itself is recommended by the travelling agency. Well to be honest I am quite disappointed with Patong. Lucky I have my husband by my side, all that matter is him, right. The hotel is not that fascinating. Pantai Kuala Abang lagi cantik kot. But they were great at marketing their beaches. Maybe here in Malaysia, our culture and conservation programmes did not allow us to do it so. Most of the tourist were basking at Patong beach. And to get there from the hotel, you need to take a Tuk Tuk. A modify version of a van. A trademark of Thailand. At Patong, we spent most of our times at Patong town, visit a few stores, snapped some pictures, and ehem, basking at the beach. What? Yes, we did that. I am basking with honour as a Muslimah. The coconut taste good tho. I managed to have a nap. Before we went home, we bought tickets from travel agent at Patong town for our next destination, Ao Nang Krabi. Please, do not bought the tickets from hotel at Phuket, they charge you two times more. Just bought them at the town with much lower prices. A van will catch you at hotel's lobby and they will drive you right away to the Rasada port. So here's the bill at Patong.

Patong Lodge Hotel  = FREE
Surcharge = RM 200
Tuk Tuk = RM 8
Foods and others = RM 300
Phuket to Ao Nang = Will be updated later. I forgot.

Ao Nang, Krabi

This place is highly recommended! We stayed at Timber house resort also from A tuk tuk was readily there to pick us up to Timber house. At the resort, they welcome us with flower petals on our bed. Sweeeeeet. We asked for a map at the receptionist counter but somehow I think if you plan to visit Ao Nang, a map is not that necessary. Just a few walk from our resort, there's a local small stores selling cheap foods. Banana milk shake at 40 baht (RM 4) and tempura! We ate there first then head to tourist guide office. We booked for an island hopping and snorkling at 600 BAHT person. We also booked for a bus to Krabi International airport there at 200 BAHT. 

So here's Ao Nang. You can buy lots of gifts here. Do bargain with them, OK. 

Timber house = 
Surcharge = RM 200
Food and other = RM 500
Island hopping = RM 120

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