21 September 2010

Egoism and politic in work place

There's so many thing which is definitely unrelated to me lingers around my shoulder. Heavy with all those burdens. It may sounds a bit rough when i mentioned the word burden, but forgive me. I'm no super human, i'm just an ordinary human being, a student to be exact. I'm not gonna scream out loud when i'm hurt. I don't even have the intention to do so, least thing that i can and i want to do is crying~Will never let the heart of mine tainted with all those pollutant. Again, smile and the whole world will smile with you..maybe not the whole world, but still..i know i'm not alone~

Egoism in every's men action may be regarded as high quality if you can make it as means to achieve great ends, but if you don't, it's just suck-sheshe-

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