11 October 2010

mission possible

Yesterday was wonderful. Having a walk with few close fwen along side the beach*my fav place to date*, fooling around in a playground, and ride a chariot. Hoho, the charioteer called his horse 'semek'*hahaha*

Semek ditunggang oleh 3 orang semek*ngeeeesss* Suit us well.

Our first intention was to jog. But due to our long term hibernation period from jog, all of us kinda afraid of muscle injury*kononnya* so we decided to take it slow. Jalan2 cuci mata dulu~

Today will be the day..the day i stand up in the center of the park..and shout out loud...

Aku nak body bikini!

Giler, I lembut, sopan santun tao*puke*

Definitely gambar hiasan. Owh dear, the combination of green and pink! lovely, me want this! Please~*ngesssss*

p/s: sebelom tido, sempat minum nescafe kacip fatimah. saje nak try. tapi ayat kak noli mmg xleh blah..hoo she, kacip*rapat* doh kang, nok kacip lagi ke, hahahaha*

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