01 November 2010


Kak yati: mata she cam mata kucing*mata ak sepet sebenarnya*
tajul: owh shida, ko nampak cam NARUTO*mmg xleh blah*

Loafing*time ni syaril da jenguk2 kelab dangdut. muahaha*

im in a paradise....

This is the first time i upload my love's pic. my BT boy in orange~duk recycle baju sama berape hari ntah. well, i brought along lots of shirts and shorts, my own hanger, first-aid kit, three types of shoes*trekking shoe, snicker, and a sandal*...and the most important thing that i will never forget, an iron. well, dats me. my Bt boy was like..haih she~*baby, that's only one of million reasons why u fall in love with me rite?* muahahahahaha. Owh, my BT boy afraid of pacat. nak pegang tanah paya pon cam...errr najis ke ek..hahaha, owh my BT (Biotech) boy. will dedicate a post specially for u, abg....thank u for everything. tgn BT boy luka sebab nak cabut keladi duri..huuuuuu*owh tq tajul, u r d boss!*

kak yati, syaril, and me. tq guys for your help. i really appreciate it.

Saya bukan berak~sekian.

Very slippery. The moment my love snap this picture, i was like..."mak engkau bergolek~". Definitely not his mom. hoho

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