18 January 2011


I love to ask random questions to my dearest housemates especially to Kak Ja and kak Nolee as they are older than me. Last night, I was so curious on the feeling having a blind date. How does it feels? Lots of people found their spouse through blind dates, it must be fun if at least we experience it once.

Kak Ja had experienced it more than 3 times*she even forgot how many times!* Got one case, she peep that guy from far,and here she said...

Kak Ja: ...besor ngak she, rambut kerinting plop tu. Kak ja lari mula dengan kawan kak Ja

me: Ye ke kak ja? konpem ke tu die?

kak ja: konpem, bincang doh awal2 pakai baju kaler nde. napok r die macam tunggu situ..

me: hahahaha, sian ke die. pahtu die contact lagi?

kak ja: contact la, pahtu wat dok berape layan r..haha, jahat ngoh. banyok kali kene orang gitu sokmo..ader gok hok handsome, tp time tu hp dok gune lg, so dok jadi, die jauh

kak nolee: saya pernoh gok sekali, tp kene ngn orang lebey kurang gitu gop.

me: hmm, pok2 ye suke chatting owp..
*wonder where they got the courage and confidence to do that. I am not that confident*

I just curious about it, not that i want to try it. Plus, I dont have the courage to do that. What if he reject me? huuuuu. To girls that experienced it, you rock girl, I am not as brave as you are. Some may say blind date is wrong. Well for me, it is our nature to love and be loved by someone. Some people met in an easiest way, some may found it difficult. But do not ever lose faith. Usaha, doa, dan tawakkal. InsyaAllah, He will ease the way~

p/s: my grant proposal has been rejected twice by my sv. need to review it back. That is also consider a rejection k. huuuu

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