30 March 2011

Don't talk about moving forward if you still afraid to erase the residual of your past. Appreciate what you have at the present time, hold tight to it, and aim for a better future. Wonderful day yesterday does not guarantee that today maybe wonderful too. As desire is not fulfilled, again, you find yourself in a sorrow, again. They have their own reasons, and we have our own solid reasons too. As time pass by, solitude and loneliness appeared. With grief, we pretended everything is all right. Let just continue pretending that everything is fine then. When the time comes, then only we prepare for the worse. We know from the very beginning that when thing is not all right, we should fix it rather than leave it wounded.

Last night, I slept with tears. I woke up at nearly 4 a.m in the morning. When no one is there to lend me their ears and shoulders, as a Muslim we know we will never be alone in this world. Tahajjud, Hajat, and Istikhoroh. Then only I found peace in my heart.

p/s: Plan on working with DPPH assay, only to find it is missing somewhere. My methanol crude extracts still in desiccator. At least supplier already respond to my email, hooray! Tomorrow will go to KL, jenguk BT Boy, tolong sis pindah rumah, facial, movies, and ice skating~

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