28 March 2011


Wild orchid at my house. All blooming at the same time. The sweet scent is just refreshing and relaxing.

Another great weekend. I went home last week to release all the pressures by doing home work. What is more wonderful than seeing and helping your parent at home. I love them tenderly. Dear God, please shower them with happiness and longevity of life.

Clean the fan, mop the floor, sweeping, tidy pictures frame, and etcetera.

Spent time to play with this cute creatures. I have eleven cats. Two of them are refugees. Haha. My dad is a cat lover too.

This picture was taken at the backyard. At the back of the picture are my neighbors houses. Aunt Leha and Uncle Zahid. My father was repairing the fences. By the way, I am not bald! That was me wearing only inner with shawl at my shoulder. Haha. Love this picture. I called this freedom!


  1. Dear KitchenAid Mixer Sale

    I will give you the 'refugee' cat. Kinda cute but a lil 'evil'. Haha.