12 April 2011

:Superb weekend:

At IOI Mall

All works and no play make me a super dull girl! A grim and dreary week before i set my eyes on BT Boy. Another great weekend to be remembered!Thanks to Dura and Ati, I have a place to sleep. May Allah rewards you guys with His blessing. Ati had swapped to another apartment, so we help her out. There's not much work to do, the apartment seem so cosy. May Ati find her peace in new shelter. Dinner with BT Boy friends was super fun. All of them were so kind and friendly. No awkward moment. LOOK OUT POINT located at Ampang is a place where you should bring your family for an outing! Have a dinner there! The restaurant set place on top of the hill so you can enjoy an amazing view of hustle and bustle city of KL.

We went to Clemenze to do facial treatment. God, it was painful! After the treatment, I cried! Heavily cried. In the mall, to be precised. Red-dappled were all over my face. Poor BT Boy. He kept convincing me that the reddish will soon fade away. Thank god, hours after that, it was gone. Hehe, me so childish. Muka naik merah2 pon nangis. Bila ingat balik, rasa malu kat BT Boy, nangis tak hingat dunia. Ngeeee~

Ice skating! Ye, saya jatuh bergolek2. Again, poor BT boy, saya heret dia jatuh sekali. Mana boleh malu sorang-sorang. Hehe. That was my first time. Thank you BT Boy. For first timers, I wish you good luck.

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