24 May 2011

:About me-Part 2:

Even my lil sis can't answer this perfectly. This is a continuation from About me part 1

1. What is my full name?

a. Nurrashidah binti Maidin

b. Nur Rasyidah binti Maidin

c. Nur Rashidah binti Maidin

d. Nor Rashidah binti Maidin

2. What are my favorite colors?

a. Purple, blue, and black

b. Purple, blue, and pink

c. Purple, blue, and green

d. Purple, blue, and white

3. What is my favorite dish?

a. Masak lemak nenas ikan masin

b. Gulai udang kunyit kuah

c. Tom yam ayam

d. Singgang ikan ayer

4. What is my favorite music?

a. Rock

b. Hip hop

c. Instruments

d. Ballad

5. My childhood ambition is?

a. Doctor

b. Pilot

c. Teacher

d. Designer

6. What is my dream car?

a. Volkswagen golf

b. Honda civic

c. BMW

d. Proton Saga

7. I am once addicted to this anime

a. Fairy tale

b. Bleach

c. Naruto

d. Fullmetal alchemist

8. My favorite foot ball player

a. Lionel Messi

b. Sergio Ramos

c. Christiano Ronaldo

d. David Beckam

9. I love to sing this song when I am boring

a. Bila cinta didusta-Screen

b. Kuda ku lari gagah berani-Sharifah Aini

c. If I die young-the band perry

d. Enjit-enjit semut

10. My dream

a. To have my own house

b. Bring happiness to my parent

c. Get a secure job

d. live life happily and have my own happy family

11. My favorite game


b. Super Mario

c. Casino royale

d. Final fantasy

12. My favorite manga character?

a. Roy mustang

b. Gin Ichimaru

c. Sasuke

d. Byakuya Kuchiki

13. I really hate…

a. Talk too much

b. Loafing and wasting time

c. Waiting too long

d. Malaysia kini

14. My favorite clothing brand for the moment


b. Nicole MNJ

c. BritishIndia

d. My fair lady

15. My current favorite place in mall

a. Bookstore

b. Clothing boutique

c. House ware and kitchen accessories

d. Spaghetti farm

16. I have my eyes on these girls

a. Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansen, and Monica Belluchi

b. Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, and Katherine Heighl

c. Adriana Lima, Giselle Budchen, and Angelina Jolie

d. Giselle Budchen, Karolina Kurkova, and Alessandra Ambrossio

17. My favorite movie

a. Titanic

b. The Lord of the ring

c. Hunt for the red October

d. Saving private Ryan

18. My favorite group or solo singer

a. Britney Spears

b. Super Junior

c. Celine Dion

d. SNSD/Girl generation

19. I have this habit

a. dance anytime and anywhere when I feel like it

b. Talk to myself

c. singing before go to sleep

d. make exaggerate sounds to describe something

20. If I want a pet, I would love to have

a. cat

b. rabbit

c. hamster

d. Nemo


  1. akak pun dah sukakan super junior jugak sekarang!!!tgh in love dgn lagu no other :)

  2. haha, welkem to d club. lagu tu serious sgt sweet~

  3. 1.C
    3.B(confirm 100%)
    4.C(piano+opera haa haa haaaa!!)
    12.xtau-B kot=P
    p/s:hahaa...main teka je pun..tp jawapan yg confirm betol~gulai udang kunyit kuah^_^v
    (agak2 siapakah sy?)