31 July 2011



I started as a beginner. Yup, I am a beginner in controlling, organizing, and satisfying my own needs and life. Not to mention how hard I am to barely embraced every obstacles that came across.

I started to realize how much I need time for myself . Only me. Do things like mopping and cleaning the kitchen, cooking, pampering myself with baby lotion, *lots of baby lotion!*to tiny little thing such as organzing my purse's stuffs. Even better if there is a bouquet of flowers on my table. To conclude, today definitely is a good day. I manage to catch up with myself, even prepared dinner for my new housemates. Chicken tomyam with vegetables and sweet sour chicken.

Love changes too. Deeper, sweeter, and hotter than ever. I do not need a second thought to admit that I am absolutely falling for him. I can see overloaded love in his eyes. I can sense how important I am in his life. So do I. He knows me well too. From my fussiness on everything, no sauces on Pattaya fried rice, a perfect shape of packaging whenever we were off for shopping, separating clothes according to types before washing them, no 'Dal' in my Roti canai's curry, and many more! We are lucky to have each other, thank Allah!

I welcomed 25 with my arms wide open. Come, bring it on. I am ready for you. I am a better me now. In every way of life.

May this Ramadhan bring inner peace to everyone. Please forgive me if I did hurt you guys.

Selamat berpuasa!

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