11 July 2011

:Floria 2011 & Sweet Luffy:

Floria 2011. Roses are forever! Sweet theme for a couple right? I spent my precious moment with my love one, BT Boy! Sorry for the low quality image. I am using my hand phone's camera. However, it was enough to capture these sweet moments.

Rainbow roses! Dear, I want a nursery full of roses at home!

Well that's me, that's me!God, I am in love with roses! BT Boy said, "Dear, be patience, do not panic." Muahaha!

This is my man. The one who I love more than roses! His scent and charm is far more sweet than the roses!

Before we went home, BT Boy sat on his knee in front of me, with a present in his hand. I was shocked! Hehe, it was sweet. Everything is sweet. Thank you dear!

Fireworks! I love you, Ahmad Lutfi Lukman! Our day will come, soon.

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