30 November 2011

A road less travel

I am standing at my junction of life. Again. The light had turn green but I was still standing there. I know where I want to head, but I just felt stoned. My body was there but my mind aint anywhere to be found.


At the point of life where I gain my first real-life lesson, I made a crucial decision. I left what I want, for the sake of my future. A better future. I choose a road less traveled. It's not easy. Obstacles came every now and then, but I survived. Because I am not alone.

Along the journey, we had our joy and sorrow. Along the journey we met some old and new friends. Some treat us nicely, some are just mind their own business, some are holding on friends with benefit principal, and some are just a selfish bastard. We did a lot of things together, we had our arguments, lovey-dovey moments, supporting each other, fooling around like a child, celebrating event together, learn each other habit, and many more. A happy ending, that's what we wish for.

It's not easy at first while making that crucial decision in life. But I glad I did that. Somehow, I have evolved. I felt different in many ways.

As I am happy with my current life, a short phone call had left me breathless. This time I manage to embrace it and recover quickly. So here I am, at the new junction of life. A crucial decision had to be made. One way will lead me to a normal life, as wishes by many, while the other way need a lot of sacrifices, no security, but I believe it will lead me to the way of life that I want. If I wrong, then screw me.


I choose a road less travel.


  1. With u all the way, sweetheart. I'll make it happen for u even if the whole world are against it!

  2. thank u dear, i will always be by ur side!