05 January 2012

Dear Amalina Che Bakri

Dear Amalina Che Bakri,

I am sure you are having a tough time over there, but hey sweety, stay strong. Take out all the good things inside the pool of negativity. You are one smart-independent girl, so please dear, take a very good care of yourself. What's wrong is still wrong, and I believe you definitely do not need someone to clear it up to you. It's never too late to change. When ever we felt lost, we Muslims knew to whom we should cling on too. 

Dia Maha Melihat, Maha Mendengar, dan Penerima segala taubat.

With love,


  1. Dear she , why don't you just mind your own business.pakai tudung belum jamin org itu masuk syurga.jangan2 engkau lagi teruk.

  2. Tp, bile xpakai dah confirm2 salah

  3. Yg haram tetap haram. Rambut kan aurat seorang wanita bkn mslh dia baik ke x beb...jgn keliru please...

  4. Betoi tu...at least x masuk neraka sbb dedah aurat..hehe sehelai rambut dbelah 7 woi. Insaf sblm tlmbat..Allah maha penerima taubat

  5. Jangan la marah she, dia hanya menulis. Apa yang betul dah terjawb

  6. I think this post is more to comfort miss amalina so that she'll stay strong and finish her degree, not to condemn her. But at the same time telling her to stay close to the Almighty. Everybody has sins, if we were to wait till we're at the level of a prophet before we can share our thoughts and advice, then it will never happen. haha