18 July 2012

Lychee Pudding for the one I love


1 tin of lychee (Do not discard the water. Slice the lychee but not too tiny)
1 tin of evaporated filled milk (Ideal or F&N)
1 packet Agar (approximately 28gm or more)
I cup of sugar (just nice, not too sweet)
liter water

1. Pour in water and agar. Cook till agar became slushy and clear. Then add a cup of sugar. Stir.
2. Slow heat and add in milk. 
3. Pour the lychee-fluid. Taste! If you prefer sweet, then add in sugar.
4. Pour the mixture in tray and spread the lychee all over the tray. Let cool and put it in freezer. 

2 liter means you will have a big size of pudding. With 2 liter I manage to get ~2 pudding as in the picture. So, count it well dear. 


  1. Bila nak wat lagi? Lama dah x makan~ huhu. Nnt kita beli laici ek!