16 March 2010


At first, I was influenced by the magnificent world of Aroid (plant of Araceae) then i started to blog. I was so furious to share with people how beautiful, versatile, and elegent Aroid is, but it stuck for a while due to my busy shcedule..

Now, I was influenced again to cont blogging..this time by a person who i adore and respect so much. But he is not d solely reason for me to blog. i wanna improve my English! im no good in English,lack of vocab,bla bla bla..but im not gonna giv shit about dat, cause the opportunity to learn more n improve more is everywhere. I dont have to seek for it,juz grab it. Blogging is definitely one of a way, rite?

Previously im telling myself not to write anythin bout me.im a secretive person. im d first gul in d family,so guess i was born to be secretive n protective of things dat really matter to me. i juz kept my business into myself and have no intention at all to share with others except few close fwens. cold huh? nah, get to know me first then guess u guys will be charmed with my accentric acts (neni,2010). Maybe it is time for me to open myself a bit, socialize a bit more, n not restricted to my kampong gul attitude.its time to change!change to be a better person is good rite? not juz for my self-benefit,but also for my family, fwens, you, n most of all, d Almighty.

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