17 March 2010


How do you know dat he's meant for u. No words could describe the feeling of being so right bout somthing.Risk taken, heart broken, fwenship ruined..but i guess its the price that i have to pay for the decision dat i had made.No regret for sure..n i cant even explain why. perhaps true love never need an explanation nor reason. for outsiders,I maybe labelled as a b**** who ruined somone's relationship, or maybe a playgirl who juz wana play around. bUT SORRY~im not!i believe in true love..i believe he is my soulmate, and I had no doubts that he'd felt d same way too.with small beginnings guess lots of greater things will hepen


life maybe hard from now on~but som1 told me to enjoy every single moment of it.well then,juz wait and see how things going on. n who cares!life must go on..

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