17 March 2010

KKK n TBH~wake up boys!

I consider myself as one of badminton biggest fan (though im not so skilled (^_^)..who cares!). I enjoyed playing n watching badminton since i was.....errr can't remember lah.huhuhuhu. but i remembered watching Arianto Arbi playing against....can't remember again! ~(^_^)~

Registered myself in badminton central discussion on 2001 juz to keep myself updated with current news and event in badminton.Dont wanna lose any info on major tournament and also can steal some of my fav player pics, LIN DAN! hehe, i have a collection of his pics in my photo albums.hehe~lengsai ma..lengsai~ But I dont wanna talk bout Lin Dan here. wanna giv piece of my opinions about my fav double player, KOO KEN KIET and TAN BOON HEONG \(^_^)/

************************************************kkk n tbh************************************************

I remembered watching them played for the fist time in Asian games Doha, Qatar..dated back in 2005. hehe,also remembered d piss-off face of Rexy Manaiky (Malaysia badminton couch) when we lost in team event. Rexy told d media dat he's going to resign coz our player tend to ignore his order.."saya bilang begini,mereka angguk aja,tp mainnya lain".. (cant remember d exact words,lebey kurang cam2 r). Despite of this incident, kkk n tbh react positively as they confirmed d tittle of Asian Badminton Champion beating d great wall of China~Chai Yun n Fu Haifeng (also lengsai maaaa!). Months after dat winning, they celebrate another victory by being the first Malaysian after 25 years to be crowned as All England champion (All England Championship is considered as d oldest and prestigious tournament in badminton). They ended the year of 2005 with great memories not just for themselves, but also for Malaysian and their supporter all over the world.

Both of them were so talented. Koo is so good at the front of the net, while Boon took d record of fastest jumping smash on court(however,not considered in the record coz d smash is not in international event~still lose to Fu Haifeng then). If they are at their best, bet no other pair can beat them. D prob is..when will they be at their very best?huhu..sometimes they win, sometimes they lose..even to low-rank player. Is it because of low self confident? darn it..koo is so arrogant on court rite? hell no,this is not about self confident. then maybe because too confident of themselves. maybe, but not for me. i dont think they are too confident. they play coz they wanna win.no player play to lose rite?then y they still lose eventhough they have the SKILL,the POWER,and the CONFIDENT? Is it luck?well maybe~99% effort 1% luck. But can we neglect luck in dis issue? if u guys alwaz watch them played, hav u ever noticed dat sometimes they play for fun..its good~if u win! if u dont,then it sucks!

Play for fun is real good, but bare in mind dat u represent our country. All of us Malaysian want u to win. Show us your sincerity and d spiritual to win ur games. Play not jus for urself, but for us Malaysian. Win or lose is out of the issue if u try ur best not to let us down.Put dis ur mind kkk n tbh..Malaysian is alwaz with u guys! so keep on fghting boys!MALAYSIA BOLEH!(^_^)/

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