21 March 2010

Giselle Budchen~Adriana Lima~Alessandra Ambrossio~Karolina Kurkova~Heidi Klum~Naomi Campbell~

I Love them!Heeee..wana introduced some of great-bootylicious gul whom i adore. adore what? hehe.dammit! they are gorgeous not juz coz of their look,on top of it i love their confidence on conquering the runway show. Way to go guls!

On top of the list is of course the world highest paid supermodel ever~GISELLE BUDCHEN. Now Mrs Brady!\(^_^)/. Discovered at the age of 14, she is definitely born to be a supermodel.bet she neva dreamt to be in the guinness world bookof record at dat time..I was alwaz mesmerized on how confident, cool, and elegent Giselle open n closed d runway. she is on her own class together with her legendary walk. She is indeed d leader of all the angels in VS. i love her does'nt mean i wanna be like her.hoho, wearing underwear on stage? Crazy lil me if i do that. som1 will whack me for sure.

This is my own point of view..is she's pretty? of course! she's a supermodel. she's indeed pretty but i dont think she's soooo pretty. Adriana Lima n d others are way prettier than her.then what make her so damn hot n desirable for VICTORIA SECRET, DOLCE AND GABBANA, RAMPAGE n bla bla bla? well guls, i guess its d CONFIDENT!i love her because of her CONFIDENT..she show her powerthrough CONFIDENT..she show her intelligence through CONFIDENT. she show lots of positive things throgh CONFIDENT.

BEAUTY comes with packagE guls. U got pretty face but lack of confident..nah, such a waste. To all guls out there, u r born to be BEAUTIFUL..short is SWEET, tall is GORGEOUS, slim is HOT, plum is CUTE, white is PRETTY, black is ELEGENT. There's no way u r ugly guls. Be CONFIDENT with urself n rock your world honey!

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