22 March 2010

TQ Nens...

My bff giv me dis poem. gosh~i always want a poem from a person close to me..

My Dear & Dearest Sheshe,

You have taken my heart.
Give it back!
But you can't just give it back,
It belongs to you!
So the only way for me to get my heart back,
Is for you to belong to me!
Be mine; be mine,
because my heart is yours.

Your eyes are like diamonds.
You are wonderful
like the sky at sunset.
Those are just two of the ...
reasons why I like you.

I'll tell you a hundred and one
more reasons why I like you
if you promise to be mine forever.
Do the math, sweet owner of my heart,
Do the math.
That's a total of one-hundred and three
Reasons why I love you.

With loads & loads of love,


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