01 April 2010

What do u want in your life??


As a muslim, after solah, i alwaz pray dat every single day dat will come, will make me a better person. a better person to Him,a better daughter to my parent, a better sis to my siblings, a better fwen to my fwens, a better lover to my love. human being is not perfect, but trying to be perfect is one of my way to be a better muslim


Happiness means a lot. i have a happy family, lovely parent, protective brothers, n sweet lil sis. i dont hav older sis, but in few months i will have 3 older sis! Insyaallah~

I have a great life now as a student. i love doing what im doing right now. in d future, i wish to work in university coz i wana be surrounded by endless flow of knowledge. i like dat kind of environment. hope, as long as i live, i will alwaz furious to learn and gain something new and beneficial to others. As a student, financial prob is normal. i neva ask money from my parent since i was in matriculation. during my degree,i bought my own laptop. got one time im too desperate for money, so i contact my bro. dat was d last time. i can ask money from them if i want, but dat is juz not me. im still surviving plus i got extra PTPTN money..i save it in case of emergency.now, i got allowance every month..grateful for that..in few months i maybe working, cant wait to please my family. im happy if they r happier than me~


I wana get marry and have my own happy family.i seek for this guy~

1. A great leader (this means a lot!)
2. Guy who put their parent first before themselves
3. Love me with all his heart
4. Mature in the sense of thinking
5. Gentleman
6. smart and intelligent
7. appearance (neat)
8. Romantic~hoho. blush blush (^_^)
9. share some interest with me
10.contrasting yet completing me

This is just a few of what i want in my life. life is short, so i have to enjoy it and balance it as well (^_^)v..maybe will cont it later~

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