11 April 2010

A promise to myself

When i was in Form 1, I started to think on lots of things, things dat related to myself. Perhaps, dat was d time where i thought im no longer a kid.

Im not remember d exact time when i made this promise..but i totally remember i said to myself, dis is the time where i should take a very good care of my heart. No bithching others, no jealousy, no bad intention, and just say no all those crap stuff.

Now im still reminding myself like alwaz~SAY NO TO 'HEART DISEASE'. hEY..Think back again, i should made lots of promises back then coz its work. Alhamdulillah. But rethink it again, im just a human being. im not sure whether i can hold on to other promises if i have.

i am 24 year old lady this year. im becoming more mature day by day. Perhaps dis is d perfect time for me to make another promises. i challenge myself to fulfill these promises..

1. Be a great student/worker (now me still got lazy sickness..i can be lazy, i mean so damn lazy)
2. Be a great daughter to my parent (me already great daughter act~ehehehehe)
3. Be a great wife to my husband (^_^)/
4. Be a great mother to my child (its ok to be prepared rite? me blushing~~~)

when i accomplish this, there will be another promises to queu up. She, aja aja fightin!

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