20 April 2010

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Its Saturday~7 somthing pm. read cleo with a small note book n a dictionary. Then my bezfwen came n sat in front of me.

Then we started to chit-chat. We talk about life, hardness, experiences, marriage and responsibilities. We shared stories. Both of us have our own sad and hepi moment. Its good when we shared probs with our best pal then we realized we r not d only one with probs. Day by day, one after one prob went away..its just feels good. So damn good. Paradoxically, probs make me matured in so many ways..so tq probs!

Previously, i alwaz amaze by matured people. they talk elegently, they walk confidenty, they think differently, they spoke intelligently, and i was just mesmerized with all of their act. I wish someday somehow i will be one of them.

Lots of incident happened last few months. Its kinda knock my head and woke up from my long dream. its hurt, but i managed to put my feet back on the ground, and start walking again. dis time im walking with aims, missions, and vissions. my instict told me dat im on the right track so i will just continue walking untill i reach my destiny. No fear, im walking with strength and hopes.

plus, im not walking alone~there's a hand who alwaz lead me to the light.tq dear~

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of". Jim Rohn.

p/s: m listening to Enya..in jiwang mood.lalalalalala~

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