20 April 2010

Nens d weirDo n sHe d siLLy

This is a story about two guls in their youngy youngy time. one of them is princess SHESilly of a purple city, while d other one is a witch called NenS the Weirdo. Different background nor languages, yet they still are bezfwen. tHE Princess say, "Rohok mu ne nens,"...the weirdo reply, "fravjb ki hjsgy lkjbb tee,"(natang hape mu she).


d princess herself had a crush with the neighboorhood prince. everytime she wanna impress her prince, she will just end up make fun of herself. so born d name shesilly. She wanna sing a song to attract her loved one, but end up with a sore throat (plus rain pour down heavily for 7 days.non-stop).she wanna tell funny stories, but end up she's teasing her ownself..she wanna dance in front of him (to show-off her talent in dancing) but end up in with a broken waist (silap goyang). sigh~

d witch herself is undoubtly d smartest person in d whole kingdom. day and nite, she will carry a paper; so called article or journal of her late ancestors. she's on her way to become d greatest witch on earth. she herself once declared dat her hobby is reading journals.(apekah.....) dat shows how extremely she is to be in d world guiness book of record as d greatest witch. weird..very weird,indeed.

one day, d princess pay a visit to d witch's place. its a hat..except dat its bigger than a hat. at the door, there's a sign..'TOKWAN PROPERTY'! (WHAT THE ****?!)

"Nens, its me...ur gorgeous fwen"
"who?angelina jolie?"
"no~it me..she"
"ooowh u silly, whats up..come in"
"its been a while~i just miss u. so i guess pay a surprise visit would be good"
"u've been here yesterday..............."
"am i?OMG, I forgot. so how r u fwen?any recent discoveries?"
"ooo..now im doing research about apilepsy among normal-healthy people"
"u r weird! how come healthy people can get epilepsy if they dont even have one?"
"yeah...im more curious! u stupid girl~stay away from me...stop with ur stupid princess fantasy. i wanna read journal! please come back to reality she. its just two weeks he went there. stop ur stupid ****ing story!"

eRRRRRRRR~hehe. what more can i say. its me during my 'epilepsy period'


u called me silly,
u called me bloody fool,
u even called me narcissist~


im silly becoz u r sane,
im fool becoz u r smarter,
im narciss becoz u r humble~

nENS describe me as

3.purely tainted
5.innocently sweet

me describe nens as

1.mysterious n secretive
3.insanely nice
4.A thinker

Nens, tq for everything. tq for being d one~nak balik tg karang~~~nak,nak,nak,nak~ (hey, what do u think of my newy short pan?ahahaha)

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