10 May 2010

Stuck in d middle

Just heard a not-so-good news about my review presentation this june. my 'papa' seem too exaggerate on taking d recent 'email issues' between him, M, I, G, and N. As a student, im stuck in d middle. Mama is in d room too, she care bout d matter n she reminded papa wateva u do, dont make ur student suffer.

haih~i wana work here so i beg papa to maintain good relationship with M..then again, i listen to papa same advices.....bla,bla,bla,bla.

i went out d room with a blank mind. dono wat to decide. well dis is my future. no one can decide it for me. i gave my soulmate a call, just to hear his voice. his voice can make me feel bloomy~bloomy~bloomy

"...abg balik lewat arini.dalam lab lg ni.."


then, i started to think about it again. what if i cant work here due to this kind of prob, and y i really wana work here? because of him? well..i hav to decide my own life. i accept papa's comment on dis thing, but again..i decide my own life.

p/s:will focus on my master n enjoying life as a student. family is my priority~rase nak makan kerang bakar.......

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