14 May 2010

Be happy!

I read a quote saying that as u reach maturity,u will find that this world is full of tension (alamak,baru mature kah ak? =p)some of my close buddies were working as PTD, teachers, officers,n bla2. most of them complaining how bz they r,no time to do this,no time to do that,exhausted,bored with office environment,n slept early every nite.they got no time to indulge their ownself.pity them rite.hmm,to all my fwens who still strugglin with their time management,please be organized k,u r no longer a student,n dont forget to take a very good care of ur health too.do take multi vitamin! n when u woke up from sleep every mornin, please be positive(jgn kate malasnye~keje lg).singin or dancin in d bathroom would be good too to release ur tension.make up cantik2, open d door n say this out loud. "hey you! dont jeles at me because im pretty n im a boss!"(apply to all who got probs with their inferior)

Me?m still a student.i really enjoy my life now. being a student, not resticted with office hour,can go to lab anytime i want,stay up late till morning,carry a school-girl bag with lots of thick books,n etc. some may call me nerdy gul,but who cares! im still pretty(sila2..muntoh ija biru). hey, everyone have probs lah. dats normal.i have prob in stabilizin my emotion too. im a sensitive gul. sometimes i tend to think too much on a matter which is not good actually. so, instead of thinkin d unnecessary things, i do stuff dat i love e.g drink teh peng,eat,singin n dancin in my hommy,flirt with my love(ngorat pakwe sendiri adalah sgt syok~sila cuba),facebooking,blogging,take a very long shower,listenin to my fav song,sleep, n get closer to Almighty~

p/s: dont think bout d prob,but think on how to overcome d prob.me listening to SNSD oh!hepi2 song~

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