30 June 2010

Some dramas in my life

My first love when i was 19( cinta monyet x kire). I was introduced by a cousin to dis handsome guy who is a year older than me. He's tall, fair, and handsome. Several months after that, I discovered dat he already has a girlfriend. Hoho, i met a playboy! *Cisss~* His gulfwen *bini tua* kept msging and scolding me *haih, i didnt know u were exist la kak*. We broke up and i terribly suffer from that. Loss appetite, loss weight, but im surviving. Months after that, he told me he broke up with dat gul and seek my love back. But hey, m not falling anymore. We were just friend after that. End of 2008, he told me he's going to get marry. After that, we lost contact. to him, wish u all d best in wateva u do and tq for d lessons u teach me. Dont be such a naive gul n dont trust men 100% (^_^)v


I watched Korean drama a lot and always thought dat, 2nd hero *d guy who will wait, beggin, and loyal to his lover, even though he knows d 1st hero already won d heroin heart* never exist in dis world. You create a controversy when u came all d way from KL to my workplace and begging for my love in front of him, and others. I remembered saying..im sorry, i cant give u what u seek. u suffered, im suffered too. Your kindness, d memories u gave me overshadowing me for quite a time. I live in guilt even though i know dis is d wise decision i'd ever made in my life. Lie no more, dis is d truth. human is no perfect, either u or me. No regret for sure coz im certain in what im doing. i have my reason. People talk about this, they even judge n punish me *coz i broke a man heart?* Recently, i just knew u already found ur soulmate. Im happy for u n tq for everything. Lessons dat i learnt~ be certain in what u seek in ur life.


He is my schoolmate, an old fwen of mine*cinta monyet sek rendah*. We lost contact during secondary school. He said he do sent me a letter, but not sure whether i got d letter or not. We found each other back at friendster. He confess his feelings but at dat time, im already with someone else. When i broke up with my 2nd boyfwen, i already have someone else in my heart too. He said..after what hapen, i just realize dat we r not meant for each other, but i want u to know d journey of my love for u. then, he started his story telling n m just listening. He will write a novel about it entitled 'Cinta sang perwira'. To him, God knows how much i appreciate d love of urs n will always consider u a special fwen of mine. TQ. He got a girlfwen now n im absolutely happy for u dear!


There's so many dramas in life. this is just a few. enjoy ur life n just put away all d probs. am trying to do that!

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