24 June 2010

KL Hunting

Last week, i took my lovely sis to KL and spent our own sweet moment together. Even in just a short period of time, we were so damn happy and promised each other this is definitely not our last trip together. i mean, just the two of us *thank you ma n pa for putting your trust in me*. Btw, i do took a very good care of my sis, except time dalam bus*tido mati*

Bus ticket : 11.30 pm, but the bus arrived at 12.30a.m! Its definitely ok for me but poor my parent *I know they were tired especially ma coz usually she slept at 9.30pm and wake up at 4.30am, but still they were there with us* TQ ma n pa for accompanying us till d bus moved.

Arrived at Putra around 6.00am and quickly searched for a mosque. Then we walked to d Putra commuter station heading to KL central. Our first destination is Aquaria KLCC which only opened for visitors at 10.30am, so we hang around SURIA KLCC and have our breakfast*roti jek dulu* (T_T) .... then KFC. Nges, nges, nges*kami berdua makan = 4 or 5 org makan, serius,xtipu*

Eatin bread under a tree in a lovely morning in KL sambil cuci mata

my sweet lil sis*cantik orgnye, idung mancung, kulit cerah, n still single..cepat2,siapa cepat die dapat~*ngee jokin*

Background is Araceae~cisss*I dont expect to see u here sweetie, i do love u Aroid, but please for a moment...leave me alone*

~Wa tengok lu kecik besar kecik besar je der~

me love u sis

This is my second time in Aquaria KLCC. I just love it. D ocean is not a stranger for me. I lived in a fisherman village. Beach and ocean is my playground *cakap je lebey,xpandai berenang pon, hee* My lil sis seem so excited n happy, so for sure im happy too!

me n Arapaima gigas*besar siot menatang ni*

Endangered sp. only one left in dis whole universe~yeah, dats me!*sorry cik penyu*

After that we went to SOGO *cari handbag for my mom* n havin luch there*ciss, stupid nando, stupid me too,haih~there go my money* we spent quite a lot of time there and at Jalan TAR *Shoping, shoping,shoping,shoping,dan shoping lg~* Dekat2 Maghrib, we went back to Putra n have a lil rest at Putra Mall. Owh, i slept at d mosque *tido atas peha adik~kan da cakap, bila bab tido jek, kami akn exchange role* We were havin dinner at SR and on d way back to Putra, we met Que Haidar and Linda *wahhhhh,que~me like u!me like u!me like u!*

This is just a short summary of our sweet moment. Jaa neh~ Dear sis, me love u so much. Anything for u my dear.

p/s: plan for bag-packing satu malaysia with my future hubby. Start with Malaysia first ayte, yeay!

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