06 June 2010

Fill ur world with love

Attended 4 weds dis weekend, just a lil exhausted but more to excited. Got a change to meet close fwens of him, lovely family of his fwen, and more important, me finally met his mom. A person whom i wish to meet personally*i kiss her hand~owh..fainted!* She glanced at me with her warm smile before she's leavin for another wed *owh~im dead already*


Well dats not what i really wanna share. Seeing people with their own happy moment make me feels bubbly. Again. Me easily drown by love. No need to hear a love word from them, u can tell it from their faces. d bright smile and laughin dat they shared makes me thinkin how beautiful dis world would be if we were surrounded by love. No hatred. d bonding that we shared, either we r their relatives, neighbours, friends, or even strangers is not a matter on that day. Everyone is welcomed. Being part of d wed ceremony makes me fell.....NAK KAWEN! d feeling is so clear and tenacious. i wanna be a wife. A great wife to my hubby. i wanna please him for the rest of his life. i wanna be a great woman beside him. i wanna hug and kiss him everytime he's down. i wanna be his strength and also his weakness. i wanna be his angel. A goddess for him. I wanna love him more than i love myself. i wanna be a wife~i really do*masa yg ader ni,better prepare to be a great wife,no easy task for sure. of course my master too*

p/s: Thank you Allah, me so grateful livin peacefully in Malaysia. I send my doa' to our kin in Palestin~

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