04 June 2010

bless with lovely people

Exhausted yet happy! Few weeks ago, i was surrounded by beautiful family of mine and i just cant stop smiling. now, me having quite a tough time in life, so i guess write somthing dat make me hepi would be good. my family held 'aqiqoh' for my newy born nephew*danial farhan bin shairil azrul~huh what a long name. act i prefer short yet meaningful name,ehehe. but still, danial farhan is a beautiful name for a handsome-to-be boy \(^_^)/*

My parent, bros, sis, relatives, and neighbours were there helping each other. owh, forgot to mention me live in kampung environment. so no questions of good relationship dat we share among each other. I was blessed with great neighbours who care about me. they are my family too. TOK CHIK n TOKKI is considered my grandmom n grandpa. I remembered tokki alwalys pick me up from kindergarten with his motorcycle*well, im d best student in kendergarten btw,ahaha*. Their children, KAK YAH (KAKAK), KAK YAH (ADIK), KAK NA, ABANG LAN (Imam Kg baru Kuala Abang) are all very kind and took a very good care of me since i was small. They are someone dat i can trust and lean on. I have another parent whom i called MOK n AYOH*my neighbour* whom love and treat me like their own children. their daughter, KAK NA, is about to get marry dis june*Congrate kak na!*

There's a lot of other neighbours whom i personally wanna express my gratitude include KAK YAH ROSID n her family, MEK LENA n her family, TOKSU DAYANG n her family*kak za,tq!*, CHEK NGOH HEMBAT n her family, SU CHIK n her family, MOK CIK WOK n her family, n others dat i may forgot to mention here.

Owh, I also wanna thanked my father n bro's fwens whom always ask about me n my study include POK MAT ROBI (Imam Kg Baru Kuala ABg juge~), POK WEI (Imam kg sebelah,Kg Kuala Abang), CIKGU CHE WAN, POK MAHATHIR*u still rock!* AYOH CHIK, AYOH JIDIN, JIDIN AGOGO*kau still bengong cam dulu*, ANOK TAIB, HANAFI, SUA2, ZAFIR, MOK NAH, IMAH n others too~Also tq lutfi lukman n fariq atrash for ur visit.

They definitely may not read this, but writing about them make me feels bubbly. Despite of all d sorrows, i know im surrounded by beautiful people whom make me motivated in so many ways. Thank you Allah for d blessing~

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