04 June 2010

U just cant have it all

Sighing~ me in sad mode for dis whole weekend, but im tryin my best to let go all of my miseries and sorrows. Others may also affected so i tried not to let my downheartedness goes beyond my rationality. i always be reminded by nur*d other version of me that live in my heart, whom correct me when im wrong* dat im not suffer alone, so dont hesitate to just let d pain go~*hurting u is d last thing dat i would do*

I've been crying every nite since d incident hepen. Fragile heart of mine kept forcing my tears to pour down and i just cant control it. Maybe i do can control it but i choose not to.

"Let it flow~tears of urs will heal ur pain deary, so just let it flow......"

I may not in my best state of mind to tell this, but what i learn from dis is, U JUST CANT HAVE IT ALL..THIS IS LIFE! i have great family, great lover, great fwens, n sometimes i have to feel d bitterness of life too rite?*me wanna be mature~but still fail in controlling my emotion.haih~xmature lg upenye* well, there will be time where i manage to cope with dis prob of mine. its troublin me n of course u too rite sweetie?huhu, give me time n i will proud to announce dat me no more fragile kid.got it?

p/s:sensitive n fragile..haih, both got pro n cont. need to learn more on how to manage them. well, let experiences teach me then. me still enjoying d process of maturity. lalalalala~

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