26 July 2010

thinkin mode

Some say dont fall deeper in love if u dont wanna get hurt. hmm, from on my own point of view, u urself dont fall in love if u r afraid to get hurt. there's alwaz risk in uncertain thing like dis. we r just mere human being,wanna love n be loved. whats wrong with fallin deeper in love when u knew he will wait at d bottom to catch u. n if he dont, bet other guys will catch u then, n if still no one there to catch u, ur family n besties is there to help u, n if u dont trust them either, God is there to help u~have faith. if he's not meant for u,then maybe another great guy is there waitin for u. so smile!


hey, u love siti nurhaliza? errr..i dont think so. i hate her. why? donno, i just hate her*apakah!*

Honestly, i found it weird when u hate people without a single reason~people is weird nowadays. I guess. U dont know her/him. u dont even set eyes on her/him. That shows that hate is just a simple feelings. no need a reason, but still why let simple feeling like that take over your emotion and express it through anger? Sorry to say, but i think u r so so weak human being. This is just a lil reminder to all, including me (^_^)v


Im thinkin a lot recently, esp about life. i made couple of mistakes back then in my past. im just a human being~not perfect at all. what matter is d future. bright future, wait for me~

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