01 August 2010



1. I got hit a lot by a pillow*nens, i found it sexy when u hit me like that, weewiiiiit*

2. Received 'boddo' quite a number of times by Nadia

3. Kak Ja always said..."wajib kawen dah ni" *apply to nadia n kak nolee juga*

4. My pure-white mind tainted with yellow-blue elements*infected from others act* (^_^)v

5. Love to play pop quiz with nens*end up with a pillow on my face~again.*

6. my bestfwen got diarrhea. poor her

7. Cry n laugh a lot

8. Nearly brush my teeth with facial foam*naleng do'oh lalu*

9. Always slept with a towel*cobaan menggoda*

10. Feel like wanna declare war with lizard*berak merata2*

11. my narcissist level is quite high nowadays*nens love it btw*

12. Karaoke with nadia n kak nolee*practice before d real karaoke with my love, ngee*

13. Flirt~im fallin in love with dis superb-elegent-young lady*damn,she stole my heart*

p/s: life is great nowadays. tq fwens, tq my housemate buddies~

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