22 August 2010

and here i declare...

Dedicated to you,

I am a loving person*seriously*. i have no grudge against you*seriously*. i know how unique you are*seriously*. Once, i helped cockroaches from rolling upside down, i helped ants from drowning in the sink, i dont easily smack mosquitoes, i even helped frog from dying in the toilet hole*seriously*. But when it comes to you, numbness. What shall i do?u drag me into a very difficult situation.

I have done nothing that may upset you. But still, why you always disturb me? Inner side of me screaming and begging for u to leave me alone. Recently, i have come to my limit. It is time for the volcano to explode. You, why you always left your not-so-cute-black-and-white shit on my mattress? You, why you acting like 'im so cool' dude, even actually you're not, you, why you always make sound wheneva im having a pillow-talk with my rummie, and hell you, nape ko berak atas kepala aku?

And here i declare...the war is begin. Lizard, u better be prepared. Seriously.


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