18 August 2010

a lil story about me...

Kindergarten- At the age of 6, I began my student life at Kindergarten Kg Baru Kuala Abang, Dungun, Trg*hehe*. There's two classes and i can choose which class i want. I choose the same class with my neighbor, nurul. I stick with her all d time during the first day. I entered a bit late from other students*i also donno why*, so all eyes were set on me. First few days was awesome till i was disturbed by this crazy kid~Zakaria Sulong. i hate him, i really do. I dont know why he always disturb me. got one time im so scared and decided not to go to kindergarten. i cried n begging my mom that i dont wanna go to school *cisss dat boy* After a long period of time, i adapted to dat kind of environment. I have one good friend, Zukri Abdullah*now lost contact with him,huhu*. Wish him all d best in wateva he do. During graduation*got pic of me with a scroll* i was announced as a best student*woohoooo*.

p/s: i remembered there's one cute gul from other class peep me and yes i look back at her. dat was the first time i met her, donno her name.At dat time, never cross in my mind that a lil gul who peep me during my first day at kindergarten is going to be my bestie at primary school. Asmirah Ismail. Beautiful name for a very pretty lady. owh,dat bully-boy also became one of my bestfwen and i call him Mat Koya~haha,what a life (^_^)


Primary school- My primary school was Sek Keb Kg Baru Kuala Abang. I was free hair during standard 1 and 2*rasenya la* During standard one, I got no 7 n 8 during the mid and final examination*not sooo good* owh, i have my first scandal during standard one*hebat ngak,haha*. He is a standard 3 student, wahahaha, i remembered his name is Firdaus Hashim*handsome siot*. The scandal is just for a while*gatal budak2~plus his guls classmate cam xpuas ati jek,huhu* During standard 2, i got no 3 for d mid exam! There's an improvement, so my beloved father gave me a reward. cant share about d reward here, coz it's a very sweeeeeeet memory. i kept d memory within me n only share it with close fwen. during final exam, i got no 1!*yeay!* after dat, i always perform well in exam till standard 6 (^_^). During standard 4, i was appointed to be a school prefect*purple skirt and scarf,seriously~*, but during standard 5, school change d prefect uniform colour to dark blue*i prefer purple actually*. I represent school in lotsa competition such as story telling in english, pidato, hockey, and etc. During standard 6, i became head of female student*baca ikrar during assembly, teringin nak naikkan bendera tp xpernah wat, rugi2*, got 5 As in UPSR, and again awarded as d best student*alhamdulillah*

p/s: got scandal during standard 6~hahaha, he is one of my bestfwen now.


Secondary school- My parent sent me to SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek. Me and Nozira Mat Ngah got d opportunity to study there. During the first day of registration, i rely a lot on my senior during primary school, kak saidah who also studied there*same batch with my love,luffy,hoho*. I stayed at hostel, there i met kak shida*now lecturer in UDM,hoho*. We were roomate back then. I was appointed to be a school prefect during form 2. When i was in form 5, i became vice female student president and vice head prefect*got change to travel, participate in lots of activities, and etc which is great..dugaan as a prefect pon banyak juge,hehe*. I lead islamic education society and also head of Blue sport house. I really enjoy sports during secondary school. i played high jump and got the third place*OK la tu*. I also played netball, handball, volleyball, and 4x100m relay together with Nor Shazlinda Rosli, and Norazida Manan. In Persatuan Usahawan Muda (PUM), I am d head director of Linking Corp together with management director, Faizah Yassin, Financial director, Kasyifah Ismail, and Production director, Khazirah Ramli*jual burger malam2,huhu,kadang2 xlaku pon*I also represent SHAMS in hafazan Al-Quran*alhamdulillah* Lotsa memories in SHAMS especially at hostel. to my SHAMS buddies, really miss u guys (T_T).

p/s: yes, i dont know lutfi lukman. He is my senior. two years older than me. he dont really like prefect, well nobody like prefect i guess~haha. and of course, got scandals too~


University- Life as a a Uni student is great. No strict rules, just love it. I join UMT handball team and appointed to be d team captain and represent uni in MASUM. Great experience there!*got scandals too,anak ikan~huhu* I manage to balance my study and sport and awarded as Best student in my course*dapat medal sadur gold,boleh gadai x ek?* the most valueble thing is of course the friendship dat we have from first year to d final year. We grew up together as a family. To siti, ella, arni, dettol, eppa, ain, and meah~i miss u guys a lot!and of course other coursemates too!

p/s: this is just a summary~if u wish to know more, then be my friend. I offer u my hand, it would be great if u offer me ur hand too. life is short, so wish to have more fwens~(^_^). tak rugi pon ramai kawan~

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