20 September 2010

Raya 2010- part 1


Meet my family. My beloved older brothers can't celebrate Raya with us this year. However, their love are always with us no matter where they are *i sang Hari raya song to them via phone, hahahaha keji*

Since i was small, i had to visit our neighbour's houses and exchanged dishes, and each year the same phrases they said to me.."Nur, da besar da skang~"

Each year after Solat Raya, we gathered at living room. My mom kiss my father's hand and apologized if there's mistakes somewhere. Be a wife is no easy job. Then its my turn to convey my apology and thanks for everything that my parent had done for me*usually start with the eldest, but my bros were not here wit us * and finally my lovely younger sister.

Visit my twin bro's grave. They died right after they were born. They were a year older than me. Usually in holy Ramadhan, my mom dream of them. Me? i never dream of them, i wish i have*xcukup amalan lagi nih*

Then, raya hunting began~start with Kuala Abang first~

p/s: to Shairil Azrul, Nazrul Ikhram, and Mohd Hairy~Selamat Hari Raya! Love u!


  1. Haha..tgk gmbr no.2.

    tgh feeling2 slot cerekarama...haha..anak raja tgh salam2..kutu-runan mana?tatao? haha..keturunan mek mulong kot? hehehe

  2. keturunan bangsawan~muahaha. kalo ko baca komik perdekar laut@wira tunggal, kami adalah kerabat diraja pai(^_^)