20 October 2010


Mysterious ray of purple-violet, alluring shade of hot-red, intriguing umbra of navy blue, swanky shimmer of majestic gold; what a splendid essences of colors. Color itself is a life. Live with it, so then you will understand and appreciate it.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes I questioned my self why lots of unwanted things which is far beyond my comfort zone happened in just a year. Too many questions i have asked without seeking the correct answer, without knowing that the questions unconsciously lead me to a grief of depression *Darth vader would say.. welcome to the dark side if he knew me =p*. Kidding.

I have been through the bitter moment in my life and i am absolutely grateful with all those experiences. It changes me in lots of ways. I just felt, owh..now I am a brand new me. I am no longer afraid to embrace the pain of life, i think wisely*kadang2 bodoh jugak*, I act maturely*konon nye..she, xbaik menipu! =p*

Last few days, I went to 'karok' with two friends. Both of them are sifu in singing, well me..i am just a beginner (T_T)*dulu karok kat umah je, xde owg dengar sgt, ayam kucing jek dengar*. Hey, hell that was fun! We sang 'Bila cinta didusta, Kau yang bernama seri, fantasia bulan madu'*rock kapak*, memori daun pisang*dance in the K-box, woohoo*. We sang 15 songs that night, ended up with sore-throat. Enjoy your single life, do not think of the problems, but think how to overcome it (^_^)v.

p/s: really miss our good old days in UMT. Mengulor kedai roti canai malam2 n minum teh peng with girl buddies, I am addicted to teh peng back then~ plus i change the lyric of Kau yang bernama Seri to Kau yang bernama Lutfi~

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