30 November 2010



We were from the same school, SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek*proud to be one*. She's one of my close buddy. She's one smart-cute-petite bubbly girl adore by many back then. We became close during form 3 as we were classmate. From then, a friendship bloom. We lived in the same district, so our family shared quite a close bonding. Her late father is a very pious man. Her bros and sis are so friendly. Her mom is lovely*still cute cam fae*.

Last week, i witnessed a special day in her life. Even I am stuck with other plan, i tried my best to attend her special day. I don't want to miss her transition stage of life. We grew up together like a sibling. The love that we shared remain strong even we rarely seen each other. I strongly believed that our friendship will last forever.

To faizah Mohd Yasin, congratulation sweetie. You know how much I love and adore you. I am absolutely happy for u dear fwen. I rememberd clearly you accompanied me during my first ever date*kite silap naik bas ke Jerteh*. You wish to meet my current other half, well dear, your wish is my command! We will arrange that later k sweetie~ Again, congratulation!

p/s:We join usrah together back then in secondary school. It always bring back memories when i remembered her. Others special day is on the list too. Haih, bile my turn plop nih? kepada yang berkaitan, sila jgn tunggu lama2 (^_^)v

Me, fae,kak n jlaa' yg sesat xjumpe umah fae..haha


  1. tahniah....
    nampak mcm shida pn dh xlama ni.

  2. huuuu, sila doakan. kami da sedia, tp parent xbg green light lg. so sabar je la dulu, hati mak ayah kene jaga. shida tunggu turn syukry lah (^_^)v

  3. kak~still stick with akalili?u sure one loyal girl.welkem to my public diary, hope we can share and learn somthing from our past, current, and future~love u a lot!

  4. u r good in predict people..:-) yes,im a loyal gurl..hoho...insyaAllah..