03 December 2010


Quite diverse and general. Why? Because SHAMS had left so many wonderful memories in my life. The most important thing is, SHAMS had nurtured in Islamic environment.

Sometimes, when I rewinding my memories back to SHAMS, there's a few things that I wish to improve. Being one of the leader to other muslimah, I don't think I have the great qualities of leadership back then. Well, as you mature, you noticed that experiences in life is the great teacher ever. It really urge me to smile when i remembered Ustazah E.R*afraid by many* scold me because I walked too slow to class*actually at that time I was in pain*. Now guess what, I walk so damn fast. Always left my company way behind. Hoho, not my fault!

How i miss the islamic environment at SHAMS. Woke up early for Subuh prayer, cite the holy Quran, ZikrAllah, Qiyammulai, Asma Ul Husna, and lots more! No matter how 'lagho' you are, when you have a good basic in Islam, you will always find your way back to the right track. Thank you SHAMS for everything~

Me berdiri dua dari kanan. With peace and a bright smile! (^_^)v

Saya paling depan. Ni after handball or netball match kot~


  1. memoric & historic of SHAMS.

    Ustazah E.R- Ustazah Engku Radziah...
    she means a lot to us...

  2. Yup2. bet there's no other ustazah like her anymore~ttba teringat ustazah rokiah bahasa arab.hoho~sgt mantap!

  3. prnh dgr bdk2 prmpuan gelar ustzah rokiah tu...
    Mama Rocky...

  4. allazi kaza wa kaza*yang gitu2* haha~