11 November 2010


Affected by the elder make me forgot that I am 24. I look at the way they dressed, accessories, fashion, and everything that make a woman, woman. Admire them. Some women of my age already knew on how to dress up themselves and look good from head to toe. Well, it is not too late to learn i guess. Fashion, makeup, accessories and all the girly stuffs are girls cup of tea. Some of my dearest friends confessed that they were afraid and shy of trying all those things. Hey dear, nothing wrong with that. Smokey eyes and all that hell yeah it look weird and outrageous but what is wrong with trying. I once shy too, but now I am not afraid to try. Slowly, little by little, all of us can transform to a beautiful butterfly. Yeay!

Pardon my gedikness*wek wek* Photo need to be cropped and edited cause this pic was taken while i am free hair


  1. yup2~selama mane hidup ni, harap dapat maintain and improve myself bit by bit, day by day.say no to free hair~