14 November 2010


I love camera. I love to pose. I wanna be a model*tipu*. I lost my camera, so i just used my phone. Not that i wanna keep those pics, but i love to send it to my love and fwens. Dear, i am going to bla bla today, i sent him my pic..dear, i am going to bla bla tonight. i sent him my pic.. Dear im going to campus, i sent him my pic..Dear, im bored and im in a toilet..i sent him my pic*bukan gambar tgh tuttt k*. I am a psycho~ I even sent pics to my bestfwen, and she was like...."she! you were that bored?! I saw your face everyday!" Muahahaha.

Last week, I joined a trip to Kg. Bari Setiu, Terengganu to assist lecturers and RA in collecting Ubi Gadong for University research. I am a camerawoman! Guess what, i am falling in love with DSLR. Playing with the functions were so fun! The feeling is superb especially when you manage to get a good pic. This is the first time i explore the functions. Well, definitely not my last time (^_^)

p/s: Even i am not in the pic, but I am satisfied. Ni adik2 RA yang sangat rajin~ke sama umur ek? huhu


  1. rino~welcome buddy. nice to have u around. yup,da check, sama umur~(^_^)