22 December 2010


Sitting alone with my mom at living room. I am reading something*rasenya la*. At TV, a pianist played beautiful songs. I love orchestra. I love piano. How I wish i can play that thing. The sounds really make me feel like flying high...high..high..

"Kak Teh xnak blaja main piano ke?"

"Hah?nak je ma.."

Few days before, Bt boy ader cakap "Kalo nak blaja piano, kene beli piano..piano mahal!"

What a coincidence.

Nampaknya aku mmg ader jodoh dengan piano. Hehe~

Are u a final fantasy vii fan? hehe, enjoy this..flower blooming in the slum. One of Aerith theme songs. All hail Nobuo uematsu~*Wrote there flower blooming in the church, this is not church song k*

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