22 December 2010


7 December 2010

I was having a fever and intense backbone pain.

8 December 2010

We went to HSC Cheras Specialist Center.

Test 1: Radiography on scoliosis (PA)

Result: Double curved thoracolumbar scoliosis (26 degree and 21 degree)

Test 2: Radiography on lumbo-sacral spine (AP,LAT)

Result: Lumbar scoliosis (to the left)

Reminders to me myself

1. Glucosamine Sulphate-1500mg for first three month. Stop one month and cont with 1000mg per day

2. Chondroitin Sulphate-1200mg for first three month. Stop one month and cont with 800mg per day

3. Exercise*follow the rehab procedures* twice a day

4. Medical device use with ice pax for 15 minutes at affected areas

5. Do not take spicy foods

6. Do not take acidic flavour foods or drinks

7. No tea and coffee

8. No long bean

9. No meat


11. Take milk, yogurt, and cheese

12. Sunlight (Vit D)

13. Water, 3L per day

14. Posture to wake up from sleep, practiced it till the day you die

15. Cont meet physiotherapist

16. No heavy work

Current mode: Mix feeling. Hopefully, time will heals everything, time will give me courage, time will give me strength. Others who has 10 or 11 year-old daughter, do not hesitate to visit chiropractor as at that age, scoliosis still can be healed. Kecik2 tak rase sakit because at that time kita aktif. Da masuk 20-an, bz with assignment, banyak duduk wat keje n study, x aktif*berguling bating* cam kecik2 dulu. Dats y baru rase. Dah tua2 ni, xleh heal dah..just prevent xnak jadi makin teruk jek. Huuuuuu~

p/s: nak lelong high heels, sale akhir tahun.

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