20 March 2011


A short weekend but super satisfied. A legendary All England men single final between two rivals; our own Lee Chong Wei and my soldier Lin Dan. I mentioned before that I am a big fan of badminton. Since I was a kid. I miss the live match and thanks to Astro, I got a change to witness the clash of the titans. Not in my memory the doubles open the All England tournament. But 2011 made it all happened. I am watching my KKK and TBH battled against the Deans. Lots of skills, lots of mistakes, lots of 'foreplay' too. They definetely own the opportunity to reclaim their title back but they don't. It's the Deans who showed the courage and efforts to grab the men doubles title. Congratulations!

Back to our hero Lee Chong Wei, I personally would like to express my congratulations on winning and defending the men single title and made all of us proud. You shut mouths that criticized you everytime you have to face super Dan. Lin Dan seem powerless and continuing made mistakes especially at the back line. But hey, nice shirt! Love your shirt!

At night, I am watching Imam Muda. How I was touch and move by the candidates words and acts. Nice words. Beautiful words. Talented and naturally gifted. I just love the ways they 'tarbiyyah' others. There's a soft way to correct what is wrong. They do it wisely. They made me proud to be a Muslim Malay. I cried. It made me remember 'my leader'. The one who I want to spent the rest of my life with. In this entry, I wrote about why I need a leader. Seeing them, I see a leadership. A leader who guide to the right path. Amar Ma'ruf dan Nahi Mungkar. Quite a long time since the last time I uttered those words.

It bring back memories. The good one. Come and join me watch Imam Muda!

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