27 April 2011


My thoughts on 'Islam is the way of life' (Individual focus)

Islam is the way of life offered guidance for a better life based on Islamic principals. There are five basic pillars in Islam. Faith (Shahadah), pray (salah), fasting in holy month of Ramadan, alms- due (Zakah), and pilgrimage (Hajj), are essential for Muslims who want to fulfill the duty of submission to Allah. By doing so, that person fulfills the purpose of his life as a Muslim in general. As a Muslim, it is our obligation to obey the rules set by God (Allah). However, Allah has granted freedom to human beings to use their intellectual abilities to make decisions and to take actions regarding their way of life. Practicing Islam in every way of life will attributes to a better-quality life for Muslims as we lived in guidance following the Islamic approaches.

Individually focus, Islam stresses upon the balance approach of materials need. It is our duty to work and earn money in order to sustain our life. Islam has provided moderate and balance approaches to individual physical needs based on the teachings of Al Quran and As Sunnah. Islam teaches Muslims to earn money via legal, fair, dignified sources, and forbid income from cheating, stealing, gambling, prostitution, and et cetera.

Islam encourages their believers to sustain and living in a healthy, stress-free life-style. In order to sustain a healthy life-style, the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness is emphasized. Livings in a cozy and comfortable environment later bring inner peace to our soul and draw away stress and potential-mental-health problems.

Islam also nurtures person’s innate goodness and kindness. There is a major emphasis on adopting positive values that include honesty, sincerity, generosity, modesty, decency, dignity, steadfastness, cheerfulness, and et cetera. Islam teaches us to do good things.

It seems perfect, from balancing the materials needed, the emphasizing of healthy life style and the importance of adopting positive values to produce a well-nurtured human being. However as a Muslim, Islam teaches us to be grateful and express our gratitude spiritually by performing prayers (salah). Salah is an expression of gratefulness to Allah and is a method of purifying the heart and soul. During prayers, Muslims continually seek guidance to continue their daily lives. Salah is what separates the Muslims and non-Muslims. Practicing ‘Islam is the way of life’ is perfectly covers the whole aspects of human needs; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

p/s: Correct me if I am wrong. I am His servant with flaws.


  1. Islam is a complete way of life...and it give us guidance that how to spend a better life,so we should follow the teaching of Islam, in this way we can also improve our lives, and we can be successful not only in this life but the life here after.We should also follow the teaching of Holy Quran, Allah said in the Quran as:"Indeed this Quran guides to the path which is clearer and straighter than any other" [XVII:9]

  2. Dear Holy Quran Online

    Indeed it is. can't agree more. Thank you for sharing, may Allah bless you