03 May 2011


29 April 2011

Wedding bell was ringing beautifully last Friday. My younger sister and I were clapping, cheering, and definitely went gaga for William and Catherine Elizabeth, the newly crown princess. My eyes were glooming with tears. I am happy for them, happy for their love, happy for the undivided love shown by their peoples.

I was mesmerized by the modesty shown by the monarchy’s family. Most of the media expected the super grand modern ceremony, luxurious accessories from H to T, ten meter long wedding dress, tongue-action kiss, but that were all rumors. They kept their tradition held high, the one inherited since the era of Charles and Diana. Kate looks super gorgeous in Sarah Burton dress, with long lace from shoulder to wrist, V-shape neck, and flawless ivory satin. Seem decent, yet so elegant and classy. Her sister dress was so pretty too, with that hot slim body, oh she is definitely a bombshell.

I too was touched by the tight bond shared by William and Harry. There was a scene where Harry naughtily peeping and smirking while the bride was walking with her father. William slowly glanced at her bride, smiling, and just can’t stop smiling! Isn’t that sweet?

The kiss at the balcony really triggers my passion. They seem perfect for each other, in love with each other since the past nine years, and I wish them nothing than happiness. Of course I am super excited as this is the real story of a prince, not the Disney’s characters. I am a big fan of Disney’s stories though.

I wish them all the best wishes in this whole universe, may they have kids soon, and may they live together happily ever after.

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