03 June 2011


I listened to Katy Perry's ET song quite often, but never put an attempt to search for the lyric. The lyric is a bit out of ordinary. I love the way she pictures her lover to an alien, remind me to my dear love, BT Boy. He is a unique guy, adore and love by many. A perfect guy for me. He always said I am flawless, how he is so lucky to have me. It is a mutual feelings. I am grateful to have him in my life, who love me endlessly, who always be there when I need him. I am so fragile at the moment. I feel like I am good at nothing. But he triggered a smile in my face when he said I am good at loving him and loving people. I would love to keep some of his many inspirational words in my diary. Dear my future, this is a guy I truly love.

La Yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha, Tidaklah Allah membebani seseorang itu, kecuali dengan sesuatu yang mampu ditanggung olehnya, May Allah bless you always, With every test that He gives you, With every tears that runs on your cheek, With every pain inflicted upon you.

Allah sedang membentuk hati she, Sabar ya sayang, Pedang yang terhebat terhasil daripada besi yang dilebur dengan api yang terpanas, di ketuk bertubi-tubi, di bentuk dengan penuh sabar, tajam bilahnya keras hingga ke terasnya, You will be a great woman, I am proud to be your man.

Kissing your heart every time it beats, We are alive and we are in love, Nothing is sweeter than this moment, Have faith my dear, The rain shall cease, The sun will shine, Rainbow shall come, and the flowers will bloom for you, At that time, With smile and laughter, We will look back and reminisce those rainy days together. Listen to your strong heart beating dear, A solid proof that you are still alive, This is the heart of the one I love, and it is beating for me, for herself, for our future.

People always said that missing someone is painful, but missing you is an indescribable sweet feeling.



  1. Arkkkk... :P

    -BT Boy-

  2. so sweet both of u.. she,curious.. BT boy tu stand for wut?hehe.. -fae-

  3. Faizah sayang~

    Fae, i was so happy mase tgk fae datang kenduri sha ngn abg peja. u guys were holding hand together, so sweeeeeeet. me so jeles, hehe.

    BT Boy-BioTech Boy. She gelar lutfi camtu sebab die cam taku2@mahu x mahu pegang tanah liat@segala bende yang tidak bersih. haha, she kan selalu masuk hutan, da bese wat keje gitu. Die lebih cenderung ke arah kerja makmal. Lutfi sgt neat~ hehe

  4. hehe.malu plak she ckp gtu..;p sori xdang nk borak lame2 smlm sbb rushing nk blk kuantan,g kenduri sedare belah abg peja plok..

    ohho..rupenye ade cite di sebalik name BT boy tu.. she,pray for both of ya.. smoga dpmudahkan.. :)

    *she,lame dh nk comment kt blog she..tp die xpublish,xtau nape..ni br dpt..hehe -fae-