04 June 2011

Final Champion League Barcelona FC vs Manchester United 2011

What’s more can I say about the final Champions League between the mighty Barcelona FC and the recently-crowned English Premiere League Champion, Manchester United? Is Barcelona’s performance sensational enough to honor them the best team in the world? I personally think that yes, they are the best team in the world. Some may say AC Milan in the late 80’s is the best team ever, and not to forget the Brazilian club Santos with Pele and Carlos Alberto. In 1991 and 1992, Barcelona’s team of Romario, Hristo Stoichkov, Ronald Koeman, had won both the La Liga and European Cup. Hey, is it fair enough to compare teams from different eras? It is like comparing Lionel Messi with Pele or former Argentina’s coach, Diego Maradona.

Last 28th May 2011 proved the status of the Catalan as the best team in the world, with quadruple formation attack from midfield; Messi, Iniesta, Villa, Xavi, and the ruthless defense led by Pique. The first goal was scored by Pedro, followed by Messi and Villa at the second half time. The Red Devils however was able to penetrate Barca’s strong defence, all thanks to Rooney to tie the match 1-1 at the first half game.

“Lionel is the best player I've ever seen, probably the best ever. He made the difference. Messi is unique, a one-off. I just hope he doesn't get fed up. When he doesn't play well it is because something is wrong with his environment. Let's hope he can continue playing well”. Pep Guardiola - Barcelona coach

“They are the best team we've played in my time. We knew we were against a good team and we planned as well as we could, but they do mesmerise you with their passing and we never really controlled Messi but many people have said that. With the lifeline of Wayne Rooney's goal I expected to do better in the second half, but what will be will be. We have had a great season in many ways, it is just disappointing it has ended on this note. We tried to play the way we normally play, it is alien to us to man-mark, but it wasn't good enough on the night. We know that and we can step forward from here. This may be the stepping stone as with a few years ago when they beat us 4-0 (in 1994-95). We can improve, next season we will improve even more. It is a challenge to match them and you should not be afraid of a challenge”. Sir Alex Ferguson - Manchester United coach

It was a great match to watch. I felt lucky to live in the era where football had been played beautifully by greatest players who assembled in one team. Thank you for showing us the art of football, Barcelona. Even sweeter, it was Messi first goal in the land of England.

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