19 August 2011

:Do not live life with stress:

It is pathetic to live life with stress. People who is always stress is spiritually lost-Prof. Dr. Muhaya

Concise and precise yet acutely penetrating, just enough to squeeze my uterus. Cheesy words but hey, it is exceptionally true.

No stress OK? I am working to that too. May this holy month bring inner peace to all of us.

I listen to Mozart, Beethoven, and some operas, some people get stress while listening to them. Huh. You should start with Enya then, or try falling in love with Nobuo Uematsu.


  1. Hoho.
    Terasa I.
    Thank you anyway.

  2. kak shida dear,

    every post mainly for myself. she pon stress je manjang. haha. enya best la kak shida, ha alang2 duk jepun, try la usha nobuo uematsu punye orchestra. best!

  3. Sensei2 sini (yang encem dan x kawin pun ada) hehe. Suke benor pasang lagu ochestra segala macam masa kat lab DNA...waaaa.....nak picit mikropipet je rasa atas pale depa... diorang tanya. Is it okay? Hehe, yes i like. (2 faces)

  4. haha, I like! She mampu wat keje ngn excellent sambil dengar opera! Cuba biasakan diri, hehe, nanti balik malaysia kang windu plop nk dengar opera. hihi