08 September 2011

How do you define yourself?

Some may ask you, hey, please describe yourself! How do you define yourself? What kind of person are you?

Driven by these kinds of questions, I started to think and rethink. Deeply think. Well she, how do you define yourself?

We can say proudly, hell yeah I am a good person. It sounds too general, right? Everyone can say that. In my case, yes, I am a good person. At least, I thought I am a good person.

The truth is, I can not define myself. Not till now. If you want a simple-straight-forward answer, for sure I can give you that. But when I squeezed my brain and think deeply, nope, even if I have the answer, I am not ready to admit, I am this kind of person, bla bla and bla. Why? Because every single day, I change. I change to be a better person. I tried to be a better person.

Now that I am engaged, the feelings to change to a even better human being is enormous! Before, I found that it is hard to focus on one relationship. I never serious in a relationship matter. Dasar playgirl. After I met the right guy, I had change. Before, I woke up at 6.30 a.m or 6.45 a.m, hey now I have trained myself to wake up at 6 a.m. I am a better cooker now! I took a very great care of my belongings. I sip green tea every morning. I will never get out from house without my sun-block lotion! Haha, I want to count that one too. Before, I hate to wear sun-block. It's oily. After received a good advice from the experts, I tend to take a very good care of my face. Everyone should have facial cleanser (milk product is recommended), toner, moisturizer, and sun-block! I recite Al-Quran more often compare to before. I gained my inner peace! I am absolutely happier than ever! I see things differently. I see people differently.

I am proud to say that every single day that pass by, I am becoming a better person. So I can't define myself for the moment. I may change again. I would love to change. A little changes means a lot to me. Until I am satisfied, then only I can define the true self of mine. So now, I will work harder, chayo2 she!


  1. to be become a great beloved wife and caring mother!
    p/s: banyakkan juga baca buku tentang rumahtangga dalam islam dan tabiat lelaki. hehe....

  2. Dear LakaranMusimBunga,

    Baik! Any suggest book? Feel free to email me some readings. Thank you!

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